Welcome Friends,
Thanks for stopping by, we are always happy to meet new friends that share our passion for animals and agriculture. Our grass-based farming systems allows us to provide quality breeding stock and humanely raised food products.
We have been raising Quarter Horses and beef cattle for many years. In 2005 we added Shetland Sheep as we were looking for a species of animals that would fit in well with our existing operation. This hardy breed is known for their fine, durable wool which is naturally colored. Smaller than today's commercial breeds, the Shetland's made a nice addition to our small-scale, sustainable farming enterprise. With the sheep we welcomed our first Border Collie to the family. A good combination, our Australian Cattle Dogs can do the driving once the collies' got them rounded up!

Please feel free to contact
us with any questions you may
have about our farm or livestock.

Lynn & Shawn

Shawn & Suzie returning from
County Fair
"Good friends are like stars.....    You don't always see them,         but you known they are            always there."

      Lawrence V Freeman Jr.
Wild Geese Farm
Registered Hereford Cattle & Shetland Sheep